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Chair: Dongying Wei

In last few decades, new concepts such as geosites, geodiversity, geoheritage, geomonuments, geoproducts, geoethics, geoparks, geotourism and geoconservation have evolved and being patronized by the conservationists. The different geoheritage sites encompassed within the various geoparks possess educational, scientific, aesthetic and cultural values at different scale across the world. The holistic approach towards such sites will sensitize common people on the need for geoconservation of the various significant geosites and promoting through geotourism. The geographical perspective on geoparks includes integrating landscape as its main concept requires a holistic approach and trans-disciplinary research to promote multicultural participatory bridges. The multidisciplinary and inter-sectoral holistic approach towards such sites will sensitize common people on the need for geoconservation of the various significant geosites and promoting these through geotourism means. This issue is be of immense use to the policy-makers, environmentalists, conservationists, practitioners, managers, scientific and academic community, who are directly or indirectly involved.

Geoheritage and geoparks should be incorporated within the fields of scientific studies and education books, research & review papers and popular articles describing the significance of geoconservation in the geoheritage sites, critical analysis of geoparks and the promotional aspects of geotourism. The main aim of the commission is to promote the development of geoheritage sites and parks from the geographical perspectives and to identify, diagnose and evaluate various approaches towards the issue related to geoheritage sites, parks and geotourism at various levels. The sessions aims to cover the following aspects: geoheritage, geoparks, geosites, geodiversity, national parks, geotourism, geoeducation, geoconservation concepts, methods & techniques, approaches, identification, characterization, quantification; society, economy and environment; man-made and natural impacts; integration of biodiversity and geodiversity in nature conservation; LULC, conservation of sites and materials as well as its interpretation through education, training and geotourism; sustainable development; community action, practical initiatives, practices, protection, management, policies, integrated development for a sustainable future earth and other related topics. The participants of the session becomes acquainted with the issues of geoheritage, parks and geotourism at various scales and will present the latest research progress and various case studies and real-world practices on how to achieve sustainable development under the framework of coupled man and environment system as a tool to achieve sustainability. The participation of non-academic presenters such as managers, activists and independent scholars, practitioners are especially encouraged.

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