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Chair:Danuta Piróg

Today's world is in a state of permanent and radical change which is affecting society, science and the economy in equal measure. The concurrent processes of globalisation, computerisation, and integration shape and constantly modify the development factors and generate multidirectional social changes. Among social life areas, one which has been particularly sensitive to the impact of those processes and has remained in clear feedback relationship with them is education. Schools and universities should play a key role in preparing young people for an effective participation in these processes. Teachers are - in this context- called as "agents of social change". These challenges don't avoid geography as a school subject and academic degree. To prepare the graduates for these changes through geography education teachers and academics have to adapt their teaching to the new scenario of change. They have to set new objectives, and be ready to deploy innovative approaches to teaching, learning and curriculum design. The goal of this session is to foster a future-oriented exchange and discussion among scientists, geography teachers, educators, heads of schools and faculties on how school/university/faculty may be enabled to forge, from the students of today, the future-ready graduates of tomorrow. To achieve these goals we should focus on answering the following questions in the presentations: How can schools/universities/geography teachers best do these things? How can they prepare today's students to operate in a new research and working environment? How can they utilise new forms of teaching and learning geography effectively to equip students with the 21st-century skills they require and the tools to face the as-yet-undefined workings of a global economy? What didactic and technical approaches should they take both on school as well as on university level? How might school and university teaching and learning spaces for geography teaching change? What pedagogical skills and leadership attitudes do geography teachers/academics need in order to foster student-oriented teaching?